Episode 48 is postponed (also, happy pi day!)

Hi everyone! I did not get a chance to sit down and record this past weekend (and it was super dark and rainy anyway) but I also didn’t have too much knitting. I’m going to wait until the weekend of the 25th to record and then I’ll get to talk about Silicon Valley Comic Con. See you guys then!


Episode 42 delayed

I posted an update on Ravelry, but I figured I should post here as well. I was planning to record last week but I couldn’t find time when there was actually enough light to record! I should be able to record this Friday, though, when there will be plenty of light, so look for a new episode this weekend 🙂

Episode 6…

…isn’t here yet. My best friend, Miriam is visiting from New York, so I haven’t had any time to record! I’m planning on recording this weekend, which will work out because I don’t think I’ll be able to record the week after (my boyfriend is running an ultra marathon that weekend because he’s kind of crazy, haha). See you soon 🙂